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Coalition Building and Diversity Education (CBDE)

Through collective and collaborative work with campus and community partners, Coalition Building and Diversity Education will support, build and enhance the understanding of interpersonal identities to respond to systemic inequities, through engagement, advocacy, and education. CBDE is a catalyst for change by creating, promoting, and sustaining an inclusive and equitable campus community. 

Trainings & Workshops

Beyond Diversity, Creating Community, Putting it all together, All the Little Things – Microaggressions, and more

Programs & Initiatives

Dr. Martin Luther King Evening of Reflection, Black Male Summit, Intergroup Dialogue, Dialogue and Difference, Border Connections (CBDE and Mason Korea collaboration)

T. Garey Davis (He/Him)
Assistant Director

Shakiyla Sincere (She/Her)
Assistant Director

To request an appointment with our team, contact: