Donning of the Kente Graduation

Black Graduation: Donning of the Kente

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Black and African Heritage


The Black Graduation: Donning of the Kente Ceremony is a long-standing tradition that honors undergraduate and graduate students of the African Diaspora on the major accomplishment of graduating from Mason! The Black Graduation: Donning of the Kente ceremony has consistently been over capacity, speaking directly to the importance of ceremony and recognition of graduation within our communities.

It is the pleasure of African and African-American Studies and Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Education to invite you to participate in this year’s Black Graduation: Donning of the Kente Ceremony. The ceremony is scheduled for Friday, May 15 at 7pm and will be completely virtual.

What About Our Stoles?

We are waiting to make a decision about mailing or saving the stoles for a later date. Since the University has not made a clear decision on inviting students back to participate in the Fall, we will wait to decide about distribution of the stoles.

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