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Erin Fay


Erin is a Graduate Assistant with the Student Access and Equity team, coordinating and facilitating events for first-generation students in The First Virtual Learning Community (VLC). She is interested in exploring ways of supporting students and building community. Erin’s hope is to see all students become part of the campus community, and to discover their voice and their ability to lead. She is always available for a chat to talk about ideas, questions, or concerns.

Erin is completing a graduate degree in Higher Education and Student Development, with a special interest in equity, mentorship, and leadership development. She received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Virginia where her favorite courses were scuba diving and a survey of contemporary Latin American authors. In her free time, Erin coaches high school basketball and soccer, and enjoys reading, photography, and biking.

Contact Erin at 703-993-2700 or e-mail: with the text “Attn: Erin” in the subject line.