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First Generation Students

What is a First Generation College Student?

The term first generation college student applies to those students whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) either:

  • Did not receive or complete any level of post-secondary education
  • Enrolled at or earned a two-year degree from a community college
  • Earned any level of post-secondary education outside the United States.

As of Fall 2019, George Mason University reported that 20% of first-time freshmen were first generation college students, whereas 28% were undergraduate degree-seeking first generation college students. First generation college students face various challenges when trying to excel both academically and socially within college. This happens because first generation students come from various backgrounds, many of which have very limited knowledge about the details of college. Because this is the case, it is important to provide first generation students with the support needed in order to succeed in college and make the most out of that experience.

You can visit F1rstGen Mason, a website dedicated for first generation students, here: or email them at

“When I think of first generation college students [like me], I think of someone who’s motivated to do something that hasn’t been done in their family yet. To inspire someone else in their family or maybe inspire someone else who is also a first generation student.” (Cole, Class of 2018)