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Garey Davis

T. Garey Davis, is one of two staff members remaining from the newly formed (2012) ODIME team--what is now the Center for Culture, Equity, and Empowerment (CCEE). He is also an adjunct faculty member in two academic units; Global and Community Health (GCH) and School of Integrative Studies. His scholarship interests are in Black/African Heritage masculinities, identity development, international education (study abroad), service learning, and sexual health education with an emphasis on the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Garey lived in South Africa for seven years, wherein he gained valuable insight into identity, selflessness, community engagement, and spirituality; all-encompassing a spirit of UBUNTU. He developed many partnerships and connections whilst in South Africa. Upon his return to the US, he developed an international community engagement and cultural exchange program.

Do not ask him what the ‘T.” in his name stands for; as your likely answer will be “I was never called by my first name and have long since forgotten, except that it starts with a ‘T’”. Garey is the youngest of nine siblings. While a majority of his siblings attended college, He is the first to earn his master’s degree. He is an alumnus of Mason (BIS 2001) and earned his master’s degree–Master of Education (M.Ed.)–from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa.