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Ivan Gonzales

Ivan Gonzales-Maguiña was born in Alexandria, Virginia. He is from Peruvian descent. Specifically of Amerindian, Afro-Peruvian, and European descent. He was a Student Transition Empowerment Program (STEP), 2017 Scholar.

Ivan is a freshman, currently undeclared, but pursuing a major in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship and possibly System Engineering. He has interests in robotics, music, and swimming. He is involved on campus as an Intern for F1RST Gen Mason and a member of the Aguilas Mentoring Program, as well as other volunteering opportunities that come up on and off campus.

Ivan has a passion for building and improving, his aspiration is to start up his own international infrastructure consultancy & implementation corporation. His motivation is to bring up the infrastructure of developing countries so that they can better thrive and provide equal opportunities to as many citizens as possible.

Contact Ivan at 571-707-9631 or e-mail: with the text “Attn: Ivan” in the subject line