Tamara Washington (she/her) joins the CCEE team as the new Director. She is an intersectional feminist and anti-oppressive advocate with over 8 years of experience working in the field of anti-violence. Tamara started her career as a community advocate and organizer supporting survivors of power-based violence and their families in Western Georgia. During her time working in the community, Tamara also worked as a Health Educator at the University of West Georgia (UWG), where she created and provided educational programs and initiatives on topics such as sexual assault, interpersonal violence, healthy relationships, sexual health, and overall wellness.

After her time at UWG, Tamara went on to create an advocacy office at the George Washington University (GWU), titled the Office of Advocacy & Support (OAS) where she served as the Assistant Director. In her role at GWU, Tamara worked alongside the campus community to identify and reimagine healing and justice and provided prevention education focused on addressing and disrupting oppression.

Tamara holds a Doctorate of Education from George Washington University and has committed her research and practice in centering the voices of Black women in the scholarship on trauma and healing. Outside of the office, you will find Tamara eating potato chips while watching random Netflix movies, trying new restaurants or speakeasies, or finding new home improvement projects.