The 2020 Election

As we prepare for this upcoming election, the Center for Culture, Equity, and Empowerment acknowledges the high emotion and critical stakes for our interconnected communities. As a staff team, we have sat with our own uneasiness, nervousness, and exhaustion as we engage in conversations and collective action that center our lives and futures. Voting is a powerful tool for civic engagement and change. If you have the privilege to vote, we ask that you go to the polls. There are people and communities that do not have such privileges, and it is on US to move in solidarity with these communities by utilizing our privilege.  

Remember, there are three ways you can vote this year! 

  • Vote by Mail or Drop Box 
  • In-Person During Early Voting 
  • In-Person on Election Day 

For more information on ways to vote on or around campus visit Voting out-ofstate? Check out for your state’s voting details. 

Take time to review candidates and ballot issues: 

Understanding the issues on your ballot may be confusing or overwhelming. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes looking up candidates online, reviewing ballot issues or locating a sample ballot for your political party. Remember, elections are about more than just the President, but also connect with issues in our local and state communities! 

Our full-time staff team is available to meet with students one-on-one for processing and support. Staff availability is as follows:  

Amber Holton-Thomas (she/her/ella)

  • November 4th-7th (Anytime for 15 minute blocks. If you need more time, choose 2 blocks that are back to back)
  • Schedule a meeting here.

Lex Lewis-Semien (she/her) 

  • November 4th (12 – 6pm ) 
  • Schedule a meeting here.  

Brandi Blake (She/her)

  • November 4th (open 12 – 5pm for 20 min blocks)
  • Schedule a meeting here. 

Crystal Davidson (She/her)

  • November 4th and 5th (open 48pm for after-hour availability – 30 min blocks) 
  • Schedule a meeting here.

Josh Kinchen (he/him) 

  • November 4th-24th 2020 (open select times for 30 min blocks) 
  • Schedule a meeting here.

LuLu Gezá Kelemen  (they/them) 

  • November 4th & November 5th 1-6pm (20 minute blocks each)
  • Schedule a meeting here.

Dr. Van Bailey (he/they)

  • November 4th (open 10:30am-12:00pm – 30 min blocks)  
  • Schedule a meeting here.

David Corwin, Women and Gender Studies, (they/them)

  • November 4th from 3-4pm, November 5th from 1-4pm (All appointments can be in person or via Zoom; 30 minute blocks
  • Schedule a meeting by emailing  

Student Group Meetings

As a community, we will offer post-election holding spaces for dialogue and gathering for students. The following spaces and times available are:  

FirstGen Students

  • November 6th | 2-4pm via Zoom and 5-7pm via Zoom

LGBTQ+ Students

  • November 5th | 3–4pm via Zoom
  • November 9th | 5–6pm via Zoom
  • November 16th | 7–8pm via Zoom

Coalition groups and student organizations affiliated with our department (QSLC, BLACC, APAC, HLLA, UndocuMason, NAIA, STEP and SWANA affiliated student organizations), will be directly contacted by our team with upcoming meeting dates and times.