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Safe Zone

Safe Zone training can be done in two ways at this point; either in a full-day format where we incorporate most of all three modules, or in three individual 3-hour module sessions. At this point, while we recommend folks take ALL of the trainings or do the full day, we only require two modules to obtain a Safe Zone Ally Card/Button to display at your office/desk or to clip to your bag. Below are the objectives/learning outcomes for each module:

  • Awareness Module (recommended to take FIRST) The goals and outcomes from this training module include being able to describe LGBTQ+ identities, identify stereotypes around LGBTQ+ identities and be able to apply intersectionality to you own identities
  • Gender Module (recommended to take SECOND) The goals and outcomes from this training module include discovering & discussing the fluidity & diversity of the identities of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Pansexual, Trans/Transgender, Genderqueer/Gender Nonconforming, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Heterosexual, & Cisgender people. We will explore and provide examples of the way intersectional identities have been forgotten in LGBTQ+ identities, and develop an understanding of the complex relationship of sex, gender identity, gender expression, & sexual orientation as relating to a person’s identity
  • Ally Skills Building Module (recommended to take THIRD) The goals and outcomes from this training module include outlining  qualities of good allies, giving examples of systemic & interpersonal inequity/discrimination as well as, practicing ally skills through role play

Click here to set up a training and check out the schedule of upcoming training sessions.


The purpose of UndocuAlly is for participants to leave with an understanding of the history of our undocumented community, the legislation (past and present) about immigration, as well as the current realities and potential futures our undocumented community is fighting through. Through these trainings, we hope to create more inclusive and supportive environments for undocumented immigrants in higher education by educating and advocating as community allies.

Spring 2021 Training Dates:

  • Friday, Feb. 19th (Asynchronous)
  • Friday, March 19th (via Zoom)
  • Friday, April 9th (via Zoom)

To register or for more information visit or email

Academic Partnerships

Academic partnerships include: Global & Community Health, the Department of Communication, Health, Recreation & Tourism, the School of Management, New Century College, Psychology, and the Transitions Resource Center. In addition, we provide trainings for the Office of Housing & Residence Life, the Office of Sustainability, International Programs & Services, the Environmental Action Group, Patriot Leaders, Alternative Break team leaders, and the Emerging Leaders Program.


Looking for more trainings?

The Office of Coalition Building and Diversity Education (CBDE) currently offers three trainings. The two training tracks are:

  • Beyond Diversity
  • Creating Community
  • The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Click HERE for more information and to register.