Alejandra Ortiz-Marcano

Alejandra Ortiz

Alejandra Ortiz is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for University Life and the Center of Culture, Equity and Empowerment (CCEE).

She is a marketing graduate from the University of South Florida and has developed her career through internships, free-lance work, and leadership roles in various organizations. Her experience has predominantly been working with start-up companies with fast-paced, unpredictable environments that developed her skills in project and time management as well as giving her the opportunity to be involved in all creative aspects of launching something from the ground up. Her previous experience working with her alma mater’s Multicultural and Student Affairs offices is what drew her to this position, and she is excited to create a positive impact in her work here at Mason.

During her free time, Alejandra loves painting, practicing yoga and going on peaceful nature walks––anything that gets her into a creative flow.

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