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Announcement: Black Excellence Gala & Lavender and Women and Gender Studies Graduation

On April 28, 2022, the Center for Culture, Equity, and Empowerment (CCEE) will be hosting the Black Excellence Gala and the LGBTQ+ Resources Center, along with the Women and Gender Studies Center, will be hosting the Lavender & Women and Gender Studies Graduation. Both events will be a time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments and hard work of our student communities who have been historically marginalized. We recognize and uplift that many of our students sit at the intersections of various identities such as Black and LGBTQ+ to name a few.

Recognizing that there is a time conflict between the two events, we want to acknowledge students at the intersections of these identities. CCEE, WGST, and the LGBTQ+ Resources Center honor and support our Queer and Trans Students of Color. Thus, we have prepared a few pathways for students to engage in either or both events on that day.

If you would like to attend both events please reach out to either:

  • Dr. Tamara Washington from CCEE
  • Josh Kinchen from the LGBTQ+ Resources Center
  • Dr. David Powers Corwin from WGST